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Product Features
Has ultra-high fatnes, strong anti fouling ablity of the paint surface, and is not easy to leave lines, which is easy to wipe and clean
Adopt domestically leading UV curing product ion tech nology, solvent-free and pollution-free, green and healthy
Nano level delicate texture, with a captivating touch that feels like a baby's skin, soft, silky and smooth
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Product Details

  • Efficient Use of Bedroom Space

    Featuring a large-capacity wardrobe and multifunctional drawers, maximizing the utilization of bedroom space.

  • High Flatness

    With strong anti-fouling ability, the paint surface is easy to clean and leaves no marks.

  • UV Curing Production Technology

    Utilizing solvent-free, pollution-free processes for a green and healthy environment.

  • Nano-level Delicate Touch

    The cabinets offer a delicate touch, akin to baby skin, smooth and silky.

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