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Design inspiration
Simple design with exquisite proportions
Simplicity and efficiency, born to adapt to modern urban life
Let busy urbanites relive the joy of cooking
Listen to the proverbs of nature without any deliberate effort
Following the heart, nature is the true essence of Nordic design
In the fresh and elegant spatial rhythm
Appreciate the beauty of a peaceful and comfortable state of mind

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Custom Better Home

240+ trendy patterns to choose from for seamless home styling

Product Details

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship

    22 baking processes
    Two national invention patents

  • Luxurious Tones

    Mainly soft gloss and clean paint
    Paired with mica black back panels
    Creates a richly layered three-dimensional space

  • Exceptional Quality

    Advanced baking paint technology
    Ensures outstanding color with no color difference

  • Kitchen Aesthetics

    Emphasizes spatial quality and clean lines, creating a refined living atmosphere

  • Scientific Layout

    Includes baking and cold meals, water bar tables, parent-child interaction, business socializing, catering to various needs

  • Urban Elite Luxury

    Spacious overall space, smooth and rational operation flow, making cooking more convenient

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